Sativa Hemp

Eco-friendly and ethical standards are adopted into each and every bag that Sativa create.

Sativa textiles are woven from a durable 55% hemp 45% organic cotton blend that will stand up to all manner of wear and tear.

The level of detail and craftsmanship give multiple compartments, pockets, holders and adjustable straps for casual and everyday use. Bags, wallets and hats.


Product Lines

Essentials Shoulder Bags
Spacious Shoulder Bags
Office Briefcases
Student Researcher Backpacks

Product Examples

Small and Medium Everyday Bags
Shopping Totes
Laptop Bags & Sleeves
Wallets, Purses & Caps



Sativa Hemp's Work

Hemp and Organic Cotton

• Since 1997 Sativa has been a leader in supporting eco-friendly cultivation of industrial hemp to use in affordable and beautifully designed bags.
• We use a textile blend of 55% Hemp & 45% Organic Cotton - for a wearable softer fabric
Our design ethic aims at a harmonious marriage of function and style.
• Our form and attention to detail aims at practicality and versatility of use.
• Our range includes travel bags, student bags, office briefcases, laptop sleeves and backpacks, general backpacks, hats, wallets and purses
• Fair Go Trading is the Australian and New Zealand distributor for Sativa.


Contact: Fair Go Trading