Fair Trade Stories

Interesting Stories of Fair Trade Products and Programs


Bell making is an ancient Indian craft with enchanting origins.
By Matr Boomie and Fair Go Trading

Both men and women are involved in making bells from lifeless metal using craftsmanship passed down through generations. Fair Trade practices, international partnerships, artisan handmade are a part of the story of bell making. Artisans have economic stability and an increased social standing.

Traditionally each bell is tuned to produce a distinctive chime - why?


The Making of Bells
By Matr Boomie and Fair Go Trading

Made from recycled tin and iron, artisans in the desert Kutch region of India manually cut and hammer recycled metal to hand-shape the bells, then coat them in powdered brass and copper before firing in kilns.

Each bell is tuned to produce a distinctive chime.


Natural Coloured Alpaca - The Fibre of the Gods
By Fair Go Trading

Alpaca has long been considered among the finest of fibres, indeed, the Incas called it the 'fibre of the gods'. Hand spun and hand woven in Peru, the colours seen here are the natural tone of the alpaca - no dyes used.

As white alpaca fibre is easily dyed, coloured stock of the alpaca has depleted over the time. In order to protect and maintain coloured alpaca stock, our Fair Trade partners undertook the development project of preserving the natural coloured alpaca.